Treatment Options for Psychiatric Problems

About 20% of US adults have a mental health disorder, and some experts put that number even higher, at more than 25%. However, understanding that your problem is a common one and getting proper diagnosis and treatment are very different things. 

At Apex Medical Center, our experts know that mental health is simply another facet of health, which is why we offer both psychology and psychiatric services. Just as your physical health can be affected by different kinds of illnesses and injuries, mental health encompasses different conditions that have a wide variety of symptoms and treatments. 

Some people have better results from one type of treatment compared to another, but most people need some combination of treatments to achieve the best outcome. Here are some of the common treatments available for psychiatric issues. 


Counseling, which is sometimes called talk therapy, is one of the most common types of treatments for psychiatric problems. There are different kinds of counseling, as well. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are two types of counseling. Along with there being different kinds of counseling, it can be done in different settings. For example, you may thrive with individual counseling, or perhaps family counseling is a better approach. Many people and programs take advantage of the benefits of group counseling. 

Quite often, counseling is just one part of your treatment plan, although it’s usually one of the most important aspects of it. 


Prescription medications can also be a critical part of a successful treatment plan. Medications cannot cure mental illness, but they can certainly ease your symptoms and improve your quality of life. In some cases, medication can provide the relief necessary for you to work through a mental health issue and you may not always need the medication. 

Finding the best medication at the most appropriate dosage can take some trial and error, which may be frustrating. But, it’s worth the effort to get some relief from your symptoms. 

Lifestyle and alternative therapies

Some people have great success by incorporating exercise or relaxation techniques into their lives to help improve the symptoms of mental health issues, particularly when these approaches are used in combination with other types of treatments such as counseling or medication. Often, creative pursuits, such as art or music, can provide an outlet. 

What’s right for you

Psychiatric issues can be complex, and getting appropriate treatment may feel overwhelming. But, when you have a team of experts to help you, you’re in a far better position to get the help you need. 

Whether you find relief in a weekly counseling session, or you have a broader regimen that includes counseling, medication, and a new yoga class, taking care of yourself mentally is simply one more way to improve or preserve your good health. 

If you’re looking for help in determining your options for psychiatric treatment, schedule an appointment at the most convenient location of Apex Medical Center today. 

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