Drug Free Treatments for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia has a long list of possible symptoms, but the one that’s common to everyone with the condition is pain. Fibromyalgia causes pain. Here are some ways it can be treated without the side effects of medications.

Sep 1st, 2019
What Makes Opioids So Addictive?

Chances are, you know someone who struggles with opioid addiction. It’s quite possible that person is someone you never imagined having a drug addiction. Why are so many people addicted to opioids?

Aug 1st, 2019
The Link Between Stress and Hypertension

Many people live in a state of chronic stress. Between work, family obligations, and trying to manage your own health, life is stressful! There may also be a link between stress and hypertension.

Jul 9th, 2019
New Method For Pain Relief!

The Freedom Stimulator, the “implant” comes with both a “stimulator” and a “micro-receiver”. The stimulator and the micro-receiver are both covered with a protective casing. The stimulator has small metal electrodes near the tip that create an electrical

Apr 25th, 2019
What You Should Know If You Are Suffering from GERD

GERD is a nagging, burning sensation in your throat. It can be triggered by foods, or attack while you sleep. Have you been diagnosed with GERD? Here are a few things you should know about your condition.

Feb 13th, 2019
5 Common Triggers of Migraines

Migraine pain can derail your day—sometimes even your whole week! Understanding and avoiding your triggers can help you avoid losing time to pain.

Jan 7th, 2019
3 Ways Stress Can Take a Toll on Your Body

You already know that stress can impact your moods, your relationships, and your ability to take care of your obligations. But did you know it also takes a physical toll on your body?

Nov 26th, 2018
Seeking Relief from Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can take all the enjoyment out of your life. While certain times of the year can be unbearable, there are ways to find relief so you can enjoy going outdoors once more.

Sep 26th, 2018
6 Treatments For Overcoming Joint Pain

Even minor joint pain can interfere with your daily activities and enjoyment of life. In most cases, it’s easy to control mild to moderate joint pain on your own, but long-term or severe pain could require medical attention.

Oct 15th, 2018
Five Signs You May Be Suffering From Depression

Sadness is a normal part of life. But after a day to two, you should start to feel better. If you’re struggling with long-lasting sadness, it may be depression. Here we discuss the feelings and symptoms that may be signs of depression.

Jul 20th, 2018
Natural Options for Pain Management

Dealing with chronic pain can have a huge effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. If the thought of surgical procedures or pain medications leaves you cold, there are more natural ways to manage your pain and take back control of your life.

Jun 22nd, 2018
6 Common Causes of Neck Pain and How to Avoid Them

Neck pain can range from irritating to debilitating. Whether aching or sharp and stinging, neck pain is, well, a pain in the neck. Stop it from starting in the first place by avoiding some of the most easy-to-prevent causes.

May 14th, 2018
Living with Fibromyalgia

Living with any chronic condition presents challenges, but living with a chronic condition that others can’t see and that is not well-understood by the scientific community can be especially difficult.

Apr 20th, 2018
Tips to Prepare for Allergy Season Now

It seems everyone looks forward to springtime. Everyone except allergy suffers, that is -- and for good reason. Along with the warm weather comes the increased mold and high pollen counts that plague allergy sufferers.

Mar 29th, 2018
How Untreated Depression Can Affect Your Health

Clinical depression is a mental illness that can have physical effects. You may not only feel anxious or hopeless, lose interest in hobbies or work, or have difficulty concentrating, but also be excessively tired or have sleep problems. Here’s a rundown of

Feb 16th, 2018
Diabetes and Leg Pain

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage where high blood sugar damages nerve fibers, and it is a serious complication that diabetes can cause.

Jan 24th, 2018
Can Stress Make You Sick?

See how managing and reducing stress is an important part of pain management as well as disease prevention.

Jan 15th, 2018
Is Smoking Linked to Chronic Back Pain?

Did you know there are many studies that link smoking to chronic lower back pain? In fact, smokers are much more likely to develop chronic back pain than non-smokers.

Jan 12th, 2018
Can Sugar Cause Headaches?

When you consume too much sugar at once or don’t eat for an extended period of time, you can cause rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels which can trigger a headache.

Jan 10th, 2018
Different Types of Headaches

Did you know there are over 100 types of headaches? Different types have their own symptoms and often need their own targeted approach for treatment.

Jan 3rd, 2018
6 Tips for Easing Neck Pain

Whether the pain is acute or chronic, we’ll go over some tips to ease your neck pain. If you do suffer from chronic neck pain, consider visiting a Las Vegas pain management doctor.

Jan 2nd, 2018
How to Make a Migraine Journal

A migraine journal is used to record the details of a headache attack - such as time, length, intensity, and triggers.

Dec 29th, 2017
What are Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Repetitive motion injuries are caused by repeated motions you do over and over on a consistent basis - such as running or typing on a keyboard.

Dec 28th, 2017
What is Chronic Pain Prevention?

Several diseases, chronic pain conditions, and injuries are preventable, and it is often far more easier and cost effective to prevent these conditions than it is to cure them.

Dec 13th, 2017
What are Pain Clinics & What Do They Do?

If you find yourself constantly suffering from a severe ache - whether it was caused by an injury, disease, or unknown problem - then a pain clinic may be able to help you.

Nov 3rd, 2017