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Primary care is the first line of defense against serious medical issues and is a cornerstone of the practice at Apex Medical Center. Your primary care doctor provides the routine preventive care you need to stay healthy. When a health condition arises, David Ezeanolue, M.D., C.I.M.E., Alafuro T. Oruene, M.D., and Blanche Y. Bonnick, M.D. can help you address the problem. Many men and women from Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, turn to the professionals at Apex Medical Center for their primary care needs.

Primary Care Q & A

Do I need a primary care physician?

Many people only think about health care in terms of addressing medical problems. In reality, health care should be a preventive measure as much as a response to injury or disease.

Finding a primary care physician you can get to know and trust is a critical component to your overall health. They're the person you turn to when an issue arises, and having an established connection with your doctor can make it far easier to navigate a health crisis.

Another significant benefit of working with a primary care doctor is the wealth of information they’re able to amass over the years. Every time you come in for a routine physical or another service, they can collect basic health information and include it in your medical records.

Over time, those records display a detailed view of how your body functions and how it has changed. That data allows you and your doctor to identify changes that could indicate a serious health issue. Your health record also helps your primary care physician pinpoint the best medications for your needs.

How should I choose a primary care doctor?

Choosing a primary care physician is the first step in reaching and maintaining an optimal level of health. Ideally, this will be the professional you turn to for all your health needs. Selecting the right person for that job is important.

When looking for a doctor, one thing to consider is whether he or she accepts your health insurance. You should also choose one who's close by.

Referrals can also help you find a good primary care physician. Ask friends, family, or coworkers who they see. If you have an existing relationship with another health professional, ask for a recommendation.

No amount of research can replace the value of a face-to-face consultation with a primary care provider. Look for a doctor who shares your communication style and who seems willing to give you the time and attention you need.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Your primary care doctor is trained to address a broad range of medical issues. They can often provide care across many different areas of medicine.

If you have a medical need your primary care physician can’t address in a primary care setting, your doctor can help you find a specialist who can. Over years of practice, the doctors at Apex Medical Center have developed professional relationships with many different specialists in the Las Vegas area.

When the need for specialized care arises, your doctor makes use of those connections to find the right specialist. Once you begin care, your primary care physician can coordinate with the specialist to ensure your condition is properly managed during and after your treatment.